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About Steven and Lena

Steven McCoy Real Estate has built a reputation and success on Guaranteed Results. They are highly motivated to provide top notch customer service solutions that will save time, yield the sellers more money and help the buyers find their dream home. With over 25 years of combined real estate experience, Steven McCoy Real Estate excels in assisting motivated clients in every aspect of real estate from Buying and Selling to Flipping and Investing. Their portfolio includes New Homes, Foreclosures, Cash Buy-outs, Luxury and Commercial Real Estate. Their success became inevitable after becoming relentless in their work ethics and visualizing all challenges with a solution mindset, followed by hundreds of home sales.

Steven’s - a native Texan who’s key to success comes from humble beginning in East Texas. Growing up with two older brothers he had to be very convincing to get what he wanted! By the age of 15 he developed a true passion for sales and built a successful lawn business in order to pay his own way in life and fund his Dirt Track racing dreams! After 7 years of hot summers and late hours racing, he set his sights on getting a degree in occupational safety. He worked his way through College as a personal trainer graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Safety. One of his best clients always talked about new home sales, therefore, once he graduated he reached out to the builder he worked with mowing yards, also knowing this would bring him back to East Texas. He was handed a 3 ring binder with floorplans, a plat map and the keys to builder’s trailer in the middle of a field! Shortly after he started selling homes he met the LOVE of his life, Lena Maslennikova. Knowing more opportunity was available in DFW they decided to move and never looked back. Beginning work in New Home Sales with a Top Builder in the industry in DFW Steven quickly desired the flexibility of being a full time Real Estate agent. His first year, he claimed Rookie of the year and since then has been in the Top 5% in the industry. In 2008 during the downturn he met and worked with several investors who showed him the ins and outs of Flipping houses. He went on to Buy, Fix and Flip over 100 houses making as much as $100,000 on one house and losing as much as $80,000! Never giving up and keeping his eyes on the long game he has rebuilt his business several times and will do whatever it takes to get the job done no matter the market conditions!

Lena Maslennikova McCoy - moved from Ukraine to the United States at the age of 18 on a student visa with the goal of living The American Dream! After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, she spent 3 years with a large DFW Home Builder as an executive assistant to the VP of Sales working hand and hand cutting cost and maximizing profits. She was recruited to a Private Equity firm specializing in commercial real estate, asset and property management where she worked for over 7 years. After Alexa was born, Lena transitioned into residential real estate partnering with Steven McCoy Real Estate to run the business as well as assist Buyers and Sellers achieve their dream of home ownership! “Our Promise to every person, buying or selling a home with us is to make them feel welcomed, valued and top priority.” – says Lena McCoy. The flexibility of being Real Estate agents allows them both the freedom to be hands on parents raising their amazing daughter, Alexa Grace, spending time with family and friends, and traveling the world.


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